About Us
Since 1999

Soiltechnics is a team of dedicated professionals that are passionate about geotechnical testing and the development of science and technology around it. Our history can be traced back in 1999 with the inception of Geosoil Engineering. The small and humble laboratory in Kuala Lumpur ((developed into a diversified services and technology – focused company)) offering clients reliable and quick insights to geotechnical construction related problems.


Customers and partners association with Soiltechnics's products and services to assist in solving everyday geotechnical problems.


Committed to customers and partners in delivering results by meeting the challenge and foster a work culture that is accountable to task in hand and uphold highest integrity and interest in the quality of work

Since 2015, we initiated various efforts in the geotechnical research and development to continuously find improvements in our laboratory procedures and to meet the customers’ requirements. As a scientific company, we feel responsible to contribute in the development of the knowledge and methodology and it is always a root of our foundation beside the economic gain of the business. The R&D efforts also led our company to own some of the unique advantages and being one of the leading laboratory in the industry.
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